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"Every challenge is an opportunity to develop and show your worth. Keep chasing challenges".

Dimitris Kimpaslis

Founder of Kimpa


Our furniture company lays its foundations in 1978, when the founder and employee of the industry, Dimitris Kimpaslis, had the idea to explore the art of sofa. In the course of the business, having gained relevant experience, this idea with the help of our customers, evolved into something more important.

The creation of a large production unit was on its way. In 2007, the factory in Laguna, Thessaloniki, was opened, which is still the "roof" of the furniture factory. This big step meant rapid growth:

Hiring workers, expanding facilities, new products, notable trade partnerships, local and international. Today, we celebrate 44 years of operation. The company is now running by the most specialized in the industry, the son of our founder, Theodoros Kimbaslis, and with the help of talented people full of passion in the workforce and management, we accept all kinds of orders from professionals for sofas, stools, armchairs and fabric beds made with materials from our homeland.


Our factory is located at the 16th kilometer of the old highway from Thessaloniki to Kabala. It consists of administration offices and a production space of 1350 square meters, providing, safe-to-use tools and plenty of workspaces. 

Not just furniture

For us, furniture making is more than a job. It's a special kind of art. The thorough study of our orders together with the customers, the passion for creation, and the pleasure in completing every project are elements of our business inviolable in the wear of time.

The combination of quality of materials, their careful design, and durability is a guarantee.

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